Bombardier in Switzerland

As a major subsidiary of the leading global technology group for innovative mobility solutions, Bombardier Transportation Switzerland benefits from political stability, excellent transport infrastructure within Switzerland and abroad, in addition to its proximity to excellent universities and educational institutions and positive economic conditions for national and international business. These make Bombardier Switzerland an attractive employer and a reliable partner of public transportation.

Bombardier Transportation Financial Services and Bombardier Structured Finance are integrated in Bombardier Switzerland, and offer, among other things, financing solutions for customer projects from Bombardier Transportation.

Bombardier Transportation in Switzerland

Bombardier Transportation is represented in more than 60 countries around the globe. In Switzerland around 1,000 employees work at the Zurich, Villeneuve, Winterthur and Oberwil sites. Today, Bombardier Transportation is one of the largest suppliers of railway transportation technology in Switzerland, not least through its takeovers of Vevey Technologies in 1998 and of DaimlerChrysler Rail Systems (Adtranz) in 2001.

Swiss Know-How in the Global Rail Technology Market
Bombardier Transportation has its own Swiss production facility in Villeneuve. Zurich and Winterthur are the engineering competence centres that operate for Bombardier Transportation's global market. Two group-wide competence centres of Bombardier Transportation are located in Zurich: the competence centre for locomotives and the competence centre for propulsion and control technology. The group-wide responsibility for the development, engineering and project management of electrical locomotives as well as the propulsion and control technology for locomotives and high-speed trains is located here. The Swiss site is an important economic base for the Bombardier concern.

The fact that the development of propulsion and control technology as well as locomotive construction have a long tradition in Switzerland is reflected in the group's organisation. The historic achievements of the Swiss rail industry, the great innovation and engineering expertise of universities and companies, as well as a skilled labour force make Switzerland, as a business location, an important pillar within the Bombardier Group.

In Switzerland for Switzerland
At the Villeneuve production site, rail vehicles especially developed for the Swiss market are manufactured and services provided in the areas of maintenance, overhauling, retrofitting and modernisation. Moreover, Bombardier Transportation Switzerland also offers rail operators comprehensive service and repair services. More than 70% of our Swiss-made products are delivered to Swiss customers.

With its wide range of innovative products, Bombardier Transportation is able to serve each market segment with the corresponding vehicles. Highly-qualified engineers are constantly developing new vehicles that are tailored exactly to the needs of their future operators and users. Its proximity to its customers and its ability to resort to the company's international know-how make Bombardier Transportation a reliable partner in the Swiss market.

Bombardier's Commitment to Switzerland
Recently, Bombardier Transportation invested in our Swiss sites and geared up its range of products to the specific needs of the Swiss market. Bombardier Transportation intends to strengthen its presence in and commitment to Switzerland in the near future as well. The reasons for this are many:

  • Its’ own production facility for rail vehicles in Villeneuve (VD) and a new test centre for 200m double-decker multiple-unit trains with the corresponding track systems
  • Headquarters of two group-wide competence centres
  • About 1,000 skilled employees in two locations (Zurich and Villeneuve) and one depot (Oberwil)
  • Good cooperation with around 1,300 suppliers
  • Cooperation with the training alliance libs Industrielle Berufslehren Schweiz (Industrial Professional Apprenticeships Switzerland)
  • Promotion of young engineering talent by offering in-house internships for college students and graduates from institutions of higher learning
  • Increased innovative strength of Swiss industry by our continuous commitment to research and development
  • Our "Mitrac Powerlab Zurich" high-performance test laboratory, which was inaugurated in 2009 in Zurich and boasts 1,200 m2 of usable floor space, 400 m test tracks and access to the most important railway power systems, provides realistic testing conditions for traction systems and railway vehicles

Bombardier Aerospace in Switzerland

In the aerospace sector, Bombardier is a leading manufacturer of regional aircraft, business jets and amphibious aircraft. The company also offers fractional ownership and charter programs for corporate aircraft as well as technical support, maintenance and pilot training in the regional and business aircraft segment and for the military sector.

The Swiss air rescue service Rega flies Bombardier
Bombardier is also a major manufacturer in the Swiss market for corporate aircraft. All business jet families from Bombardier – Learjet, Challenger and Global Express – are involved in our 23% share of the market.

Thanks to its flexible operational capability for business trips and specialized tasks, the Challenger 604 enjoys the leadership position in the large business jet segment. Rega, which is a world pioneer in patient transport, has used Challenger aircraft since the Eighties. Today its fleet consists of three Challenger 604-type jets which are equipped with two intensive care seats and advanced rescue technology.