Engineering and Manufacturing

Bombardier operates internationally and through its experience and expertise has strong local roots. More than 60 production and engineering sites in 27 countries are partners of rail and public transport network operators across the globe. Switzerland occupies an important place in Bombardier's global network with two Centres of Competence.

In Switzerland, Bombardier Transportation is synonymous with Swiss quality and tradition. Our engineering expertise in Zurich and Winterthur, our manufacturing know-how in Villeneuve, as well as the comprehensive services we provide in Oberwil and for customers on site, all form the backbone of our dynamism and have contributed to Bombardier's success in becoming a reliable and attractive partner for the public transport community in Switzerland.

"At Bombardier, we are continuously developing our products further and are committed to innovation in all business areas. We are shaping the future of mobility by always implementing and introducing new technologies for our customers."

  • Development and manufacturing in Villeneuve

    For over 60 years, Bombardier in Villeneuve has been manufacturing trains for Switzerland – technology made in Switzerland, for Switzerland. 

    Bombardier's Villeneuve site demonstrates its expensive competence in Swiss rail technology from the first low floor trams in Geneva to the development of the "Lötschberger" regional train and BOMBARDIER INOVA low floor commuter vehicles.

    Driving the next generation of rail products, the BOMBARDIER TWINDEXX Express double-deck trains for Switzerland are the latest groundbreaking technology to emerge from the Villeneuve site. 


    The Villeneuve site has its own dedicated team of engineers, designers and technicians which draw on Bombardier’s global pioneering technology to create new rail products for Switzerland. With skills in all areas of rolling stock engineering, encompassing system design and mechanical and electrical engineering, the portfolio in the sector is comprehensive and the integration of skills seamless.


    The production facility in Villeneuve provides comprehensive capabilities in vehicle manufacturing including car-body welding and electrical systems integration to final assembly, painting and interior fitting. Villeneuve’s multi-skilled teams enable the production of high quality products and of high quality technology. The Villeneuve site utilizes the Bombardier Operating System, recognized across Bombardier for ensuring manufacturing excellence.


    The Villeneuve site provides the facilities for static and dynamic testing of either individual vehicles, or entire units. The product introduction department, consisting of a highly qualified multi-disciplined team, ensures fleet delivery and availability for Bombardier’s clients.

    Customized solutions

    Bombardier provides solutions which are customized to the individual needs of its customers. This enables train operators to manage their costs and gain economic value, while optimizing the maintenance and effectiveness of their fleets.

  • MITRAC Powerlab Zürich

    Short and sweet

    The "MITRAC Powerlab Zurich" is the key element at Bombardier Transportation's competence centre for high-performance traction technology and locomotives.

    In this ultramodern development and testing laboratory, newly developed high-performance drive systems are tested to ensure they work safely and reliably in rail vehicles. 

    The systems tested form part of BOMBARDIER's MITRAC 3000 range, which is the world's most modern, high-performance generation of drive and control technology for rail vehicles. MITRAC systems are deployed around the world in vehicles made by Bombardier Transportation and other manufacturers.

    Facts & figures

    Floor area:

    Approx. 1,200m2


    The test lab is used by engineers from the competence centre for high-performance traction technology (110 employees) and locomotives (200 employees).

    Construction time:

    8 months (ground-breaking July 2008, opened for business February 2009).


    Any of the world's main rail power systems can be simulated (15 kV 16.7 Hz, 25 kV 50 Hz and 0-4 kV DC). Total power capacity: 8 MVA.

    Latest test facilities

    Test facilities: Two test facilities for complete drive systems, each comprising rectifier, transformer, motor and drive for up to 5 MW power capacity. Reliability test facility, durability test facility, semiconductor test facility, cooling system test facility, machine hall (approx. 320m2) for locomotive drive systems and transformers. 400 metre test track (for functional and commissioning tests).

    Other facilities: Prototype assembly zone, electronics workshop, materials store, offices, sanitation.


    As well as design and innovation, Bombardier Transportation also makes environmental sustainability a very high priority. Similarly, the "MITRAC Powerlab Zurich" minimizes environmental impact thanks to full energy recovery, district heating, cooling system economy and logistical efficiency.

    Why in Zurich?

    Zurich-Oerlikon is where Bombardier Transportation's corporate competence centre for high-performance traction technology and locomotives is located. The proximity of the test lab to Bombardier Locomotives' development and engineering activities in Zurich not only saves time and enhances work quality but also enables direct feedback between development and practice. The drive systems developed in Zurich are tested on the spot for commercial maturity.

    Zurich is conveniently located for customers and suppliers worldwide. And our close collaboration with Zurich's reputed Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and leading Swiss Universities can be further intensified e.g. through reciprocal student trainee and diploma course arrangements, research projects, to name but a few.

    "MITRAC Powerlab Zurich" not only bears witness to Zurich as a historic centre for theory and practice, but also returns to the roots of electric traction development. At the beginning of the twentieth century it was precisely here where numerous technical innovations in rail vehicles were developed and tested by MFO (Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon) and later BBC (Brown Boveri & Cie.).  We will continue this success story.

    MITRAC propulsion and control systems

    Bombardier MITRAC 3000 is the latest generation of train control technology, consisting of hardware and software modules that monitor a vehicle's power supply and controls. The dependable, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient MITRAC systems are developed and tested at the Bombardier competence centre in Zurich. They are used in vehicles made by Bombardier Transportation and other manufacturers.


    In the test laboratory, Bombardier tests locomotive traction converters destined for Europe, North America, India and China.

  • FLEXX Tronic WAKO

    FLEXX Tronic WAKO is an innovative mechatronic system which compensates for the natural rolling movement of the cars and is integrated into the existing secondary suspension of the bogie. The system enables a ~15% speed increase on curves, resulting in shorter journey times with the same passenger comfort levels, and reducing the need to invest in infrastructure.

    More information about FLEXX Tronic WAKO