Future Concepts & Projects

Bombardier anticipating clients' future needs.

Bombardier Transportation is the world's leading manufacturer of rail technology. In Switzerland, over 60 % of the vehicles currently in use on public railways are manufactured by Bombardier. For many years, Switzerland's well-known flagships of inter-city and regional transport, such as the ICN Intercity tilting train, the IC 2000 double-decker, the popular Locomotive 2000, the Cobra tram in Zurich and the Cityrunner trams in Geneva have demonstrated their reliability under tough everyday conditions, and continue to play an important and impressive role for Bombardier Transportation in Switzerland.

And this is not just pure chance: Bombardier Transportation identified the specific needs in the Swiss market and developed vehicles to meet those needs. Vehicles that have recently entered into service include, e. g. the TRAXX multi-system locomotive for cross-border communications with Germany and Italy, the TRAXX AC with Last Mile functionality for autonomous operations on non-electrified industrial tracks, the FLEXITY tram for the city of Basel and the LĂ–TSCHBERGER range for BLS's S-Bahn, regional and tourist transport in Seeland, Wallis and for Italy.

Bombardier Transportation aims to reacting appropriately to the market needs. For example, it is currently manufacturing the new flagship for the SBB. The TWINDEXX Swiss Express has greater capacity, is more comfortable, and can drive through curves quickly both on intercity and interregional transport.

Bombardier stands for innovation and diversity.

The requirements of rolling stock in Switzerland are constantly changing. The on-going increase in passenger miles on the railways, the concentration of passenger volumes during peak periods, particularly in urban areas, present rail operators and rolling stock manufacturers with new challenges. There is a demand for new, modular transport solutions and vehicular strategies which cause less damage to infrastructure. This is why Bombardier Transportation is continually investing in researching and developing new technologies, materials and designs in order to meet the needs of all its Swiss clients. Bombardier Transportation's wide range of offerings for all rail transport sectors is as broad as the Swiss market is diverse. With its innovative PRIMOVE electrical concept, Bombardier is developing e-mobility solutions for trams, buses, fleets and, in the future, for private transport too. PRIMOVE enables wireless operations using inductive energy transfer and powerful batteries.

What Bombardier offers their clients

  • Bombardier stands for the very broadest range of products and for top-class quality in rail technology.
  • In its products and services, Bombardier offers outstanding value for money.
  • Bombardier guarantees business processes that are efficient and certified based on international standards.
  • Bombardier offers its clients solutions which generate genuine added value.
  • Bombardier is a partner that one can rely on.