Tailored solutions for material handling, vehicle conversions, modifications, maintenance and modernisations – Bombardier optimises clients' fleets.

Bombardier uses its specialised knowledge to develop bespoke solutions and complete service and support packages. We guarantee the value and intrinsic safety of a fleet through its lifetime. At the same time, we support our clients' efforts to minimise their operating expenses and improve their profits.

Bombardier will produce a maintenance model that suits the client's needs and ensures the fleet is maintained more efficiently. As a manufacturer, Bombardier also supports operators with repair, restructuring and modernisation measures. These measures include mechanical and electrical upgrades, full vehicle servicing, and services that help prolong vehicle life.

  • Partnership with Baselland Transport AG (BLT)

    Bombardier Transportation Switzerland has had a good working relationship with Baselland Transport AG (BLT) for many years. Under the terms of a 40-year contract (1980 to 2020), Bombardier Transportation Switzerland is responsible for maintaining BLT's fleet of 81 vehicles. BLT operates the longest international tram line in Europe, at 26 km. At its service point in Oberwil, Bombardier Transportation Switzerland does all the maintenance work for BLT and does checks, repairs, conversions and upgrades.

    Average fleet mileage: 5.41 million km per year
    Average mileage per vehicle: 67,000 km per year

    Task Maintain and service the entire fleet, procurement logistics
    Operator Baselland Transport AG (BLT)
    Number of vehicles 81
    Time spent on maintenanceper fleet per year 30,890 hours
    Contract began 1980
    Contract ends 2020
  • Fitting SBB trains with APFZ (General Platform for Vehicles)

    Between December 2003 and January 2005, Bombardier Transportation Switzerland equipped 459 local trains with APFZ (General Platform for Vehicles) on behalf of the SBB (Swiss Railways). The APFZ enables a variety of vehicle systems, e.g. video installations and passenger numbers, to be monitored. WLAN or GSM wireless connections provide the contact between the control centre and the individual systems. Other applications can be added to the platform if necessary, e.g. a passenger information system, or a system for monitoring electronically controlled installations such as door controls, braking computers, etc.

    At its sites in Villeneuve (VD) and Oberwil (BL) Bombardier Transportation Switzerland developed an equipment cabinet to house the computers and systems, integrated the platform and the different systems into regional trains, did all the conversion work and got the vehicles up and running.

    Task Equip local trains with the APFZ general platform and a variety of vehicle systems.
    Operator Swiss Railways (SBB)
    Number of vehicles 459 local trains (rail cars, control coaches, intermediate coaches)
    First delivery 2003
    Last delivery 2005
  • SBB ICN Orbita

    Bombardier Services supports the SBB (Swiss Railways) in improving the availability of its fleet. The entire ICN fleet has been remotely monitored from Bombardier's Orbita Control Centre in Zurich since 2009 so that any information relating to maintenance can be passed to SSB without delay. Real time access to the vehicles also enables support in speeding up corrective maintenance measures.

    Task Set up a remote data access system for the ICN fleet and use Orbita for daily monitoring
    Operator Swiss Railways (SBB)
    Number of vehicles 44 multiple units each of 7 units
    Contract began 2008
  • Eurotunnel Power Upgrade

    On behalf of Eurotunnel SA, Services increased the output of their shuttle locomotives (ESL 9000 series) from 5.6 to 7.0 MW. This was achieved by replacing the entire power train. 38 vehicles had their transformers, power converters, drive control units, traction motors and cooling towers replaced. The contract was completed on schedule in September 2014.

  • Centre for Electronics

    Services Switzerland is the Centre for Electronics in the Central / Eastern Europe region, so it is responsible for managing the obsolescence of a number of generations of control systems. This means that we help our clients with the long-term availability of their fleets in a branch of technology which is changing with ever-increasing speed.

  • Supply chain services

    Services Switzerland offers a number of clients, operating nationally, regionally and in urban areas, modular service packages within the overall procurement chain. These include Service Level Agreements for replacement parts with the Geneva public transport authority (TPG), and consignment stores for Swiss Railways (SBB) and other railway operators.